Acquired Taste

Alcoholic beverages are an acquired taste. Just like onions, prune juice & cake. The only difference is the effects it puts you through if you have too much of it. Onions gives you smelly breath, prune juice makes you poop & cake gives you a sugar rush. I hate all of those things except for alcoholic beverages. I used to be against beer and vodka but now I’m all for having a drink or two with friends and family that are 21 & older. I am totally against under-age drinking & driving under the influence. I am not, as of now, against getting drunk. I know it’s in the bible that we shouldn’t drink to get drunk although sometimes you drink too much & you don’t even realize it because you’re having a good time. I’m not giving excuses I am telling you the truth from my perspective. It’s literally taken me almost a month to just type this blog out. Which I apologize for blowing this off but I think I just care too much of what people think when I talk about alcohol. BUT It’s not a big deal to me anymore whether I have a drink or not. So with that said, I am going to encourage a type of beverage every so often. As for this blog post today.. I encourage cranberry juice & titos vodka w/two limes! It’s my go-to drink when I don’t want beer! Tito’s vodka is texan made & cranberry juice is good even without vodka! ^.^

Love always,
Mrs. Pinkerton


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