Fuck you.

“I ran into a person I met at Sagemont who was a total douche all the time & used Christ to defend the way he talked to people. Within 30 seconds of running into him, he asked me how I was doing financially. Not what I do for a living but how much money I make. He proceeded to tell me about how he owns two businesses, is a student mentor at his church & runs a charity that pays for poor people’s apartments in the Woodlands. All while being an awesome husband & father. I knew him back in 2008 during the presidential elections, he went around telling people that if you voted for Obama you weren’t a good christian, and I remember him telling me all the time that I needed to lose weight because the fat on my body was a sin. Fucked up dude, no one ever called him out on anything either. He just walked past me and poked my belly button. Fuck that guy.”

Hi Robin,

You don’t know me & I don’t know you but I don’t believe I would ever want to be associated with you & your husband. I’m really unsure if you know what your husband is doing or saying while you aren’t around but I know that if you did know then you are probably just as bad as him. Tonight, my husband went to see Mewithoutyou with his best friend. Your husband used to be associated with him. Your husband said a few hurtful words to my husband and to be honest if I was there at the concert with them your husband would’ve left with a big slap on the face. I’m blogging this to tell you that I am appalled. I am hurt for my husband and his best friend and I am sad for you. I am sad for you because your husband is exactly what Christians are. total fucking pricks. You see I am a pretty simple person as it is. I believe I am a compassionate person although when it comes to messing with my husband and family the compassion fades and no fucks are given. Except this time. This time I will pray for you, your husband and your newborn baby. I will ask the gods to grant y’all everything you will ever need. whether it be finances, favor & health. I hope you & your husband live to be 100. I hope that Dent Gents makes it big & becomes a large corporation & y’all become millionaires. I hope everything is easy for y’all & I hope y’all have happiness every single day. That y’all will never ever ever feel heart break. I hope y’all are healthy for many many many years. I hope you & him love each other every day. till one of you die. Best of luck & I hope god is forever grateful for the love you’ve shown to so many. I know it means a lot to y’all.


If you know me & would like to let me know you are praying for me. Tell Jesus. don’t tell me. you telling me or josh will do nothing but keep the coal of hatred I have towards people like Hudson burning longer than it should. I know I have anger problems and that I have to deal with them but this is my option for an outlet besides yelling or posting tons of facebook statuses about people I don’t even know. Thanks for reading!


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