We are days away from meeting Calvin Jon Pinkerton & I’ve decided to open up my blog again. The past several months have been chaotic, emotional and fun for Josh and I.

As some of you know, I started the fall semester pregnant and ended up being invited to join the honor’s society for collegiate scholars (ooOoo lala.) Now, I am finishing my pregnancy while still attending HCC full time with the help of accomodations (thank the legal gods.) This school semester has been a roller-coaster on it’s own. So many surprises and lots of emotional distress.

On February 14th, Josh and I took Michelle (Josh’s mom) out for Valentine’s dinner and we ended up in a 4 car pile up which totaled Josh’s car. I was sitting in the back seat, Josh was driving and Michelle was in the passenger seat. The airbags went off, we were all wearing our seat belts and it was one of the most traumatic events that I’ve experienced in my twenties. We went to the hospital afterwards to make sure CJ was a-okay. While at the hospital I started to have contractions and I was given two shots to stop them. I advised the nurse that I did not want to have to go into labor unless I absolutely had too. Luckily, I was given those shots (which I didn’t enjoy because of the side effects.)and the contractions subsided. About 5 hours later we were out and headed home.

At the beginning of our pregnancy I didn’t know how CJ could have survived. We had spent the last 6 weeks (his first 6 weeks) road tripping, dancing, hiking, jumping on trampolines, drinking margies and beer… I didn’t think I’d get this far in my pregnancy. (Don’t give me shit for thinking that either please and thank you.) So After this big accident, I still couldn’t believe how much of a fighter CJ is.

About a month later, I had a Dr appointment and my sisters came with me. Afterwards, we went to Gringos for lunch and headed back to my house because I needed to get to class. We were stopped at the toll. I had just paid and I was about to drive off when the guy behind me rear ended me. There was zero damage but of course. I was still shaken up from the last accident. I froze. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t talk. I just froze. We took down the young man’s information and I headed home to Josh then we went to the hospital. Again. I got through the check up and CJ was yet again, a-okay. He was moving around a lot and kicking. I had the minimal contractions but nothing big. About an hour later I was discharged.

After this event I decided I needed to tell Calvin Jon via email everything he’d gone through during his time in my womb. I read a quote the other day that really hit me that’s pertaining to birth and death… “Birth always looks like death from the other side..” which is unbelievably true. Of course, we can’t interview anyone who has come straight out of the womb otherwise this is the best interpretation to describe the process of birth and death.

All in all, our pregnancy story has been a roller-coaster of life changing events. Every birth story is different. Every pregnancy is different. And that is something I can never forget and won’t forget.

Also, I’m two days past my due date. We are all waiting on Calvin Jon to make his appearance any day now.




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