low self-esteem



I have low self esteem. I do this thing where I cling to ideas of other people. I have been a people please-r. I did things so people would like me. All in all, I just want to be loved. Everyone deserves love not because there is a god and not because you are a good person. Everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally. Loved not matter what. Loved with pimples and no make up. Loved with tattoos and piercings. Everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally and everyone deserves to feel that love and understand that love.

Love makes you do crazy things. Love can be the storm. Love can be the peace after the storm. Love is loud. Love is quiet. Love so great can move mountains.

Love unconditionally and let people love you for you.

p.s. I like these chairs and these awkward photos of me using my self-timer while doing laundry for three at the laundromat.


p.s.s thanks to the chapas for this photoshop picture. ^.^


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