I’m back! Not that I went anywhere but I did take a little break from writing. Well I am 11 lbs heavier (thanks ice cream and hot wings!) and I am okay with that right now. I have a lot to say but I won’t say it all.

calvin jon (c.j) was born April 25th. He’s healthy, long and super chill.


I am now a mom! I didn’t like it (being a mom) at first because of all the expectations and feelings (hormones) I was going through. But now, it’s okay. I haven’t been called mom by c.j. so i guess it hasn’t really C L I C K E D. I think the first time I hear it from his mouth I will probably smile/grin.

So How’s being a mom?

The one question I probably hate the most right now. I’ve only been asked that like 20 or 30 times from family, friends and acquaintances. I’m not sure why I hate that question but I do.

I don’t like a lot of the questions people ask when you’re pregnant or when you’re a new mom. Here are my top 10 /hated/ questions & statements about being pregnant and a new mom:

  1. So How’s being a mom?/How’s motherhood?
  2. Did you have a c-section or deliver vaginally?
  3. How much did he weigh?
  4. How long was he when he was born?
  5. Geez, He’s so long. Is your husband tall?
  6. Aw, she is so cute!/Que bonita!
  7. Are you gonna take him to church?
  8. Oh Wow!  He looks nothing like Josh!
  9. Do you breastfeed?
  10. Can you drink/eat that while you’re breastfeeding?

So to answer all of these questions at once I must tell you… the next time you are about to have a conversation with a pregnant lady or new mom think about this…

What does it matter to you? Why do you need to know these things?

If it’s small talk or just a common question you’ve heard asked before then just say hi and give her a compliment. Unless you really really really want to know. Although, everyone is different and maybe some mom’s like those type of questions or statements… All I know is I do not like them and you will know that after you ask.


That’s about all I have to say tonight. I would like to write at least once a week but we will see. I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.